Massironi kit

Massironi kit for prosthetics by Hu-Friedy

Dynamic functionality in modern prosthesis with the new Massironi kit by Hu-Friedy

The new MASSIRONI KIT by Hu-Friedy is set of instrumentation used during prosthetic procedures. Conceived by Dr. Domenico Massironi, pioneer of the use of the operating microscope in prosthesis, the kit is designed to be used alongside magnication tools, allowing to nalize prosthetic work with maximum precision and accuracy.

Massironi kit for prosthetic by Hu-Friedy

Massironi kit for prosthetics by Hu-Friedy

The kit consists of 10 Hu-Friedy instruments, including a tissue plier, a high denition mirror as well as a Klemmer plier, which provide a dynamic feature in modern prosthetic dentistry.

The Massironi Kit for prosthetics includes 2 new Enamel Rounded Chisel instruments, made with XTS technology, and designed by Dr. Massironi himself in collaboration with Hu-Friedy.

These chisels are most often used in the nishing stages of the procedure and the o-angle design allows clinicians to access the restoration from any angle.


The Enemel Rounded Chisels by Massironi


TNMASS1: 1.2 mm chisel – the slender width of this chisel makes it ideal for use during highly magnified prosthodontic cases
and minimally invasive preparation techniques.


TNMASS2: 1.5 mm chisel – the slightly larger width of this chisel makes it excellent for everyday use and allows
the traditional prosthesis to receive an optimal finishing touch.



EXD16 Double End Explorer #1, Satin Steel handle #6
PCORTLINI Cortellini, Single End Laser probe, .5-15
CVIPCKOT4 Carver Kotschy Interproximal Double End #4
TNMASS1 Enamel Rounded Chisel Massironi, 1,2
TNMASS2 Enamel Rounded Chisel Masssironi, 1,5
GCPYD1 Gingival Cord Packer Yardley #1, Handle #41
GCPBN1 Gingival Cord Packer #BN1, Handle #41
TP32 Tissue Pliers Semkin-Taylor #32 anatomical curved 12,5cm
H3 Hemostat Halsted-Mosquito #3 curved, 12cm
MHE6CH Mirror Handle European Thread, smooth Kotschy handle
MIR5HDE High Definition CS Mirror #5 single-sided, European Stem, 1pc/pack
IME12D17C2 IMS Infinity Cassette 1/2 DIN, Black, with clips on the lid


A dark Aluminium Titanium Nitride (AITiN) coating provides cutting edge.

The dark coating, XTS, also enhances visibility by providing high contrast and also reduces light reflection from operatory an microscope lights.


How to do?

The Hu-Friedy Massironi Kit is a kit for prosthetic procedures, designed to be used alongside magnication tools, allowing to analize prosthetic work with maximum precision and accuracy.

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Dr. Domenico Massironi

Born in Melegnano (MI), graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pavia, where he subsequently obtained the Specialization with honors in Odontostomatology.

He specialized in prosthetic dentistry and has been using the stereomicroscope since 1988. Active member of the EAED (European Academy Esthetics Dentistry) and of AARD (American Academy Restorative Dentistry), he is the author of several publications on prosthetics and precision restoration. Together with his friend and colleague Dr. Carlo Ghezzi, he founded the MEG* training center (Master Educational Group).

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Dr. Massironi