Published on März 03-07-19

Advanced Training Workshop on Peri-Implantitis

Advanced Training Workshop on Peri-Implantitis
Pierpaolo Cortellini - Stefan Renvert
Florence, Italy
Course date: 
April 4-6 2019

The Advanced Training Workshop on Peri-Implantitis is an interactive course, based on lectures, case discussion and powered by focused hands-on training, video demonstrations and 3D live surgery. It aims at clinicians wishing to upgrade their skills in the application of non-surgical and surgical treatment to peri-implant diseases.
The course consists of an integrated approach designed to build and extend the skills of the practicing periodontist in the area of contemporary cause-related therapy, periodontal surgery, microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery.
The impact of proper diagnosis, control of patient and site factors and the relevance of surgical design and strategy are discuss in a multidisciplinary fashion.
This 3-day intensive interactive training workshop has many major learning objectives:

  • Change the prognosis of implants affected by peri-implant diseases;
  • Optimal preparation of the patient;
  • Control of local contamination and inflammation;
  • Non-surgical control of mucositis;
  • Pre-surgical management of the site; Pre-surgical diagnosis to plan flap design;
  • Perfecting surgical management;
  • Microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery;
  • How to debride the implant surface; How to select the regenerative material;
  • Primary closure and stability of the wound;
  • Post-surgical control of early wound-healing; Favoring and enhancing bone maturation.